About Dagotto’s

inside-dagottosDagotto’s Bistro is an Italian Restaurant which specializes in offering a variety of authentic panini sandwiches during lunch rush while transitioning into serving more fine dining entree’s throughout the evening dinner hours. Dagotto’s places much emphasis and special attention on preparing menu items with fresh quality ingredients. With a Certified Specialist of Wine at your service, the Dagotto’s Wine List is undoubtedly second to none and the “Italian Dinner & Wine Tasting” held on the last Friday of each month has become a premier event for the community of Golden.

Not to mention, Dagotto’s prides itself as being a family establishment, so it is encouraged, yet also a natural reaction for all staff members to express genuine attitudes of pure honesty, maintaining customer service as their top priority, to ensure a consistent Dagotto’s dining experience so that all who enter as guests, leave as friends.

Dine-in, if not, Order-To-Go! Either way, it’s Dagotto’s, so ya gotta go!